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Our quality of products sold by the company to make the following commitments:

1. Quality assurance time: After running 12 months or 18 months of delivery.


3. strict accordance with the orders of the contract to provide the required quality and design standards.

4. external procurement of raw materials and components rigorous testing and quality control.

5. We are committed to using the latest and most advanced technology to produce the desired product, and the product being ordered strict factory inspection.

6. We are suppliers of raw materials to product quality, product operation and full responsibility for key components and raw material suppliers to ensure compliance with all relevant qualification requirements.

7. The contract requires that we will examine the relevant standards and product engineers to provide drawings and seven days advance notice of test engineers to test the product.

8. If the product defect in the production process, we will notify our customers and test engineers, public facts.

9. If the product quality problems, we guarantee free replacement. During production of the product installation and commissioning of products if there is problem and we will be treated to ensure timely completion of the project line.

10. After unpacking the product, if found missing parts, lack of timely supplement we will be free. During the installation or operation of the product if it is an accident due to product quality problems arise we will assume all liability and compensation for loss of customers.