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        Since its establishment,CYG insulator has contribute himself to the long-standing development for 20 years.With the belief ‘’ Technology Innovation&casting quality’’, others insulators elites and CYG insulator  keep optimizing on both has boosted the chinese insulator industry commonly on both electrics power and Electrified railway.In the mean time of establishing brand effects,CYG insulator has exported more than 20 countries.

        20 Years CYG insulator, 20 years of excellent quality, 20 years of national responsibility. Till 2013, the more than 5.5 million pcs insulators were widely around global customers. In the future, CYG insulator would supply more insulator products, as well as continuously protection for the safe operation throughout the grid. With the advent of the railway electrification wave, CYG insulator keep leading role of playing a high-energy "energy rate" in the high-speed railway, the Qinghai-Tibet railway and other projects. Meanwhile, escort for ‘’China railway speed’’


         Taken from citizen and serve the citizen, CYG insulator always concentrate national industry with heart, keep improving the national Industrial level and serving the people’s livelihood activly. CYG insulator keep moving toward leading insulator supplier with steady progress.